Welcome To My Website

It's static, like a boss, and I built it with Tiddlywiki5. Currently it's hosted on Neocities, which I like. The plan is to put it under version control soon and deploy the pages at Github pages too (but still with the images on Neocities) and eventually to Netlify.

I'd like to also then show that you can move the images 'anywhere' and easily re-base the code (so your whole blog is independent of 'any one company' etc.) and can be easily re-built with completely free tools.


I built the website so that it was easy for me to publish a 'not quite blog' about HTML and CSS - a series of Tutorials, I suppose.

Also, I want somewhere to host my projects - I guess you'd call that a Portfolio.

Lastly, I'd like it to serve as my temporary homepage.

As I go through the process of building up from scratch, one of the things I'm going to do is build a homepage. But for now, I'd like something that does the job 'well enough', so it's going to have a Home page (you're looking at it) and an About page, and they'll be linked from the header, too.

Here is a cat.