Exporting Static Sites from Tiddlywiki

Part 10 : Wrap - Up


Final Workflow

We're building our site with one simple command and then putting the files in the appropriate place.

What we want is a nice, simple way to do that.

Neocities Supporter workflow.

Things we might want to change and add

There's always something else to add but, for now, I just want to live with what I've created.

I'll write again about it, for the benefit of anyone who might want to just try and use it, without reading a 10 part tutorial.

And then I'm just going to use it, for the purpose I originally wanted it. Which is to write tutorials on basic HTML and web programming, starting from the beginning.

By using it, hopefully I will come up with some useful suggestions for ways it can be improved.

That's likely to be more productive than sitting down now and trying to figure out how best to make it work.

Google Analytics

For a basic website, and certainly to begin with, the stats provided by Neocities are good enough to track how popular your site is.

Domain Hosting

Disqus integration, mailing list sign-up

You can add dynamic services to static pages.