Exporting Static Sites from Tiddlywiki

Part 8 : Hosting


There are lots of different ways to host your site and its resources depending on your needs and constraints.

We present a couple of different scenarios.

Using Neocities

A simple web-based host.

I like Neocities because they are very friendly to developers and people who want to learn. They value the open web and provide interesting and fun tools to help us make cool things using the core web technologies.

Using Github

Because we'd like a nice, programmatic way to deploy our site

Using Github and building the site 'in the cloud'

Using a Continuous Integration tool to rebuild our site for us.

Using Netlify to deploy our site

Because they provide lots of little added conveniences. They are also a very developer-focused company and support an open web.

Part 9, Tweaks and Widgets

console.log("welcome from export four!");